Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Pickle Barrel Time at PBP - MOOD SWINGS Packs Just $1 Each!

Yikes...I forgot to tell you that if you spend $12 on Pickle Barrel products, you'll get the Pickle Barrel Bonus kit FREE...I have to say that this kit is one of my favorites so far....really beautiful!

I have six fun, "MOOD SWINGS" packs in the Pickle Barrel this month. Whether you're dealing with a toddler's temper tantrums, a teen's mood swings, or your own hormonal issues, this is the perfect kit to create layouts about your situation! We have to keep a sense of humor about these things, otherwise we'd go nuts! Lol, they say if we don't laugh about it, we'd be crying.....I'd rather laugh! :)

I loved this theme so much that I couldn't stop designing. Here are some coordinating products - You can get the Stacks & Clusters FREE if you purchase all SIX of my MOOD SWINGS Pickle Barrel Packs. You can save 30% on the BIGwords!

My CT did an amazing job with this set again - and hey...they had almost TWO WEEKS to work with this set. Lol, I think that may have given a couple of my CT members a heart attack *grin*

Remember that the store wide sale is still going strong at PBP.  My entire shop is discounted 30% (Pickle Barrel Products are not included in sale - they're still a whopping big $1! *grin*) Plus, if you spend $15 in my shop, you'll save an extra 10%!

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