Sunday, October 30, 2011

A chance to WIN from Persnickety Prints!

I had such a great time during my feature week at Persnickety Prints...lots of fun comments on their blog, lots of new friends/fans on Facebook, lots of new blog followers.....and hey, I even enjoyed loads of extra orders in my PBP Shop! I'm pretty sure that we're going to be seeing the Freebie Printables all over the place for Halloween tomorrow!  Remember that you still have one day to use the coupon that I offered through don't miss out! (btw, I'm not sure how long the feature page will be up on their site, so I'll be nice and tell you the code at the end of this post *grin* Gotta make sure you read through everything first!)

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN a $25 Gift Certificate to Persnickety Prints!  It's super easy to enter. Just leave a comment here ON MY BLOG telling me if you've ever used Persnickety Prints, and if you haven't printed through them yet, check out their site, and tell me what size you're most likely to have printed with your gift if you win. **NOTE** THE COMMENT MUST BE LEFT ON MY BLOG to be entered into the drawing. Comments on Facebook will not count this time, so be sure to go to my blog to leave your comment if you're reading this on Facebook or Twitter. (hey, did I repeat that enough times yet? *grin*)

I'd like to thank Persnickety Prints for featuring me this past week, and for helping me share my designs with a new group of customers. I loved working with them and hope that all of you will give their print services a try!

I hope you all have a SPOOKY Halloween tomorrow, and that you get more treats than tricks! We had our family Halloween Party tonight, and well, this zombie grandma feels just like my costume looked *snicker* and if you can believe it, I didn't get one pic of my hubby and I dressed as zombies. I should be put on scrappers probation or exiled or something...that's just unheard of *sigh* BOO! And I even had my piggy slippers on and everything *grin*

Ok, for those of you who would still like a chance to get the discount that was offered through Persnickety Prints, use the code FD-PERSNICKETY20 before you check out of MY PBP SHOP to save 20% on any of my designs that you purchase.

Wow...this is weird. This is the first time I can remember doing a post without graphics. I feel like I'm not finished, but don't worry...I'm not going to ramble on any longer *grin* Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Featured Designer at Persnickety Prints

Be sure to head over to Persnickety Prints today! I'm their featured designer this week, which means there will be some fun give-aways! Be sure to check out  my feature page to enter the contest that I'm sponsoring on their site. There's also a really cute Halloween & Autumn Printables freebie there that my creative team members, Liberty Cameron & Dina Arruda designed with my Monster Mash & Totally Autumn designs!  Here's a preview of the freebie, but you'll need to go to the Persnickety Prints website to get the link :)

If you've been holding off on having your scrapbook pages printed, you really need to give Persnickety Prints a try. I've had many layouts printed with them, and the quality is fantastic, the colors are beautiful, their pricing is the BEST, and they're FAST! (And here's a little hint, their fall sale is coming up in just a few days, so get those files organized & ready to print!)  Be sure to check out their FB Pagethe Percnickety Prints Blog and subscribe to their newsletter so you don't miss out on any of their deals!

Friday, October 21, 2011

TWO Freebies and a Sale!

Time4Gratitude is the sixth set of designs in my Time4Me Series. Even during difficult times, we all have lots of things to be grateful in our lives. Time4Gratitude will help you express that feeling on your digi projects! I've also created a fab little Add-On Kit that's perfect for Thanksgiving and Harvest designs to go along with this theme.

Now pay attention....Save 25% on all Time4Gratitude Designs for a limited time. I set the sale up different this time (hoping that I won't have to stay up on the last night to turn it off!) So....the discount will show up as soon as you add my products to your cart. I tested really works. And hey, it tells you that YOU are getting a special offer. Makes ya feel kinda special...doesn't it? :P I haven't told you an end date for this sale, coz I'm not sure how the cart treats the ending date. Lol, so DON'T WAIT. You're not going to know when the discount disappears this time!

Now for the FUN Stuff. Check out these gorgeous layouts from my Creative Team!

 Layout by Alannabanana using a Short Stack

 Layout by Scrapshabby

 Layout by Yogovonne

 Layout by JoannaE

 Layout by MaryRuth

 Layout by lbrtychic

 Layout by Dina Arruda

Layout by Mother Bear

My Creative Team Lead, Liberty Cameron, created a darling Thanksgiving Card and Place Markers. She's agreed to let me use them as the FREEBIE for this be sure to give a big "THANK YOU" to Liberty!

And FINALLY...I'm still working to rebuild my fans/followers/friends on here's a little goodie to encourage you to head over to My Facebook Page and LIKE me. Once you click the like button, you can click on the "exclusive FB Freebie" button below my profile pic (remember...that's HORACE right now)....and it will unlock the download so that you can download this FABULOUS little kit. 

I don't mean to sound vain, but I'm totally in love with this kit. that sounds vain. So shoot me :P I'd LOVE to do a whole series of kits like this, switching up the accent color. Lol, but errrmmmm...I probably wouldn't give them all away. Hubby thinks I need to actually EARN some money once in a while...go figure! Would anyone be interested in some kits similar to this in other colors? Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

Ok...I'm rambling. I think it's the sleep deprivation setting in. It's officially Friday, so I'm going to go draw some WINNERS in my FB & Blog Comment drawing to see who won the Time4Gratitude Designs! I'm quite sure you're all waiting to go shopping until you see if you've won. I'm right, aren't I? Lol, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, ya know :)

I'll post the winners names on FB tonight, and then post them here tomorrow, after THIS post sits at the top for a while. that was a mouthful, wasn't it?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sneak Peek & a Chance to Win

Here's a little peeky at my release for this week. Leave a comment here (telling me how much you LOVE it, of course) to be entered in a drawing to win! 

Leave a comment on my FayETTE Designs Facebook Page too, to increase your chances to win. One winner will be drawn from each site on Friday, Oct. 21. Good luck!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Save on TOTALLY AUTUMN in my PBP Shop...and a FrEeBiE!

Autumn is SUCH a beautiful time of year! I've created a new set of designs called TOTALLY AUTUMN that is perfect for all of your digi and hybrid projects! It's filled with loveable characters, gorgeous elements and yummy papers! (and yes, I really did just describe digi papers as yummy. *grin*)

Save 25% on all Totally Autumn Designs until October 12!

I really love using interesting designs in the background of my projects, so I decided to put some goodies together for you to use. Give my Background Spatters, Scatters & Swirls a try (and while you do that, try saying that product name really fast, three times! I think I must have named this set at like 2 a.m. or something! *grin*)

Here are two samples of fantastic uses of the Short Stacks. Don't be "limited" by the design, rather, just look at it and see where you can take it. Stack more elements & papers on top of the foundation I've provided for you. I LOVE what MaryRuth & Liberty did with my Totally Autumn Short Stacks!

Layout by MaryRuth

Layout by lbrtychic

Check out some of the other gorgeous designs my CT created with Totally Autumn!

Layout by Dina Arruda

Layout by Mother Bear

Layout by JoannaE

Layout by lbrtychic

Layout by Scrapshabby

Layout by Scrappychic

I'm too tired (and lazy) to link all of the images tonight, so be sure to visit My PBP Gallery and leave these talented ladies some love!

Here's one last sample I want to share with you. My friend, Sheri Sessions of Jumpstart Designs, released some new Calendar Templates tonight. One of her CT members, Vanilla Designz, used my Totally Autumn Designs to complete one of the calendar pages (and if you go to her blog, you'll see that she did another one with Monster Mash!) Be sure to check out the JSD Calendar Templates in the PBP Shop!

As always, last but NOT least...I've created a fantastic little freebie for you that will give you a "taste" of the Totally Autumn designs. 

Give this fun little freebie a try, and then head over to my shop, and pick up the TOTALLY AUTUMN DESIGNS while they're on sale!