Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Better late than never, huh? Seems like life was soooo busy right up until the time we sat down with the family for our annual Christmas Eve Dinner, that I didn't get a Merry Christmas post made!

We had our three kids and six grandkids here for dinner on Christmas Eve, and then we enjoyed a big slumber party. Christmas morning was lots of fun, watching the kids see what Santa brought...then we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas service at Church. I just love it when Christmas falls on Sunday, and we get to go to church and sing Christmas hymns. Lol, I'm not sure the grandkids were as excited about it as I was, but hey, they were so good, and they knew that they'd enjoy opening more gifts when we got home.

I've taken two days off of work, and have thoroughly enjoyed it (well, I guess I really took three days off, but Saturday I was cooking all day long, so that's WORK!) Yesterday we just enjoyed relaxing with the family. I have to tell you that if you haven't tried the x-box kinect, you really need to. We loved playing it...especially Dance Central. What a riot (lol, and yes, we are HORRIBLE dancers, but we had fun!) Minute to Win It was fun too, but ermmmm...I was pretty bad at it!

I'm one of those crazy people that went shopping today...but hey, my neighbor & sibling gifts are all done for next year! (I picked up this habit from my good friend, Annette Ward....I'd blame her, but I LOVE getting this stuff done now & not having to worry about it next year! So, thanks Annette!)

When I got home, I started on a little project....I'm redoing a room in the house and making it into my new office...busy stripping wall paper tonight. Then it's the dreaded decision time...I need to decide what color to paint it! I'm open to suggestions!

I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and that the New Year brings happiness and peace to you and your loved ones. I appreciate each one of you that keep up with my designs, and help me continue making a living doing something that I love so much!

Happy New Year - Let's make 2012 the best year yet!

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  1. Awwww Fayette....sounds like a "Great" break for you! Spending time enjoying family is so awesome! Glad to hear that you had a great Christmas and hope the New Year is as good to you. Blessing in 2012 for you and your family.