Sunday, December 9, 2012

DOTD #10 - Save 50% on January Frost Elements!

Before you say anything...yes, I forgot to post about DOTD #9. I think I may have been in a coma last night or something. Sorry about that!

But hey...TODAY you can save 50% on my January Frost Elements...a fun little set of winter designs that will almost make you love snow :)

Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I actually made caramels, fudge, and a couple of baked items over the weekend. That's progress...well, except that I took a plate of them to my dad, and gave more to my son...and now I have to start over :P  This week...more baking, more candy making...and I really have to finish my shopping so I can start wrapping!

Ho Ho Ho...and all that stuff *grin*

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