Monday, July 25, 2016

LAST CHANCE - $1 Pickle Barrel Deals Disappear at Midnight!

The Pickle Barrel closes promptly at 11:59 p.m. ET tonight!
Sleep is supposed to take about 1/3 of our time. But, if you’re like many sleep-deprived people, you get much less sleep than that. On the other hand, kids seem to be able to sleep ANYWHERE and can sleep through almost anything, except when YOU want to sleep *grin*. Whether you’re sleep-deprived by choice or have kids or a hubby keeping you up at night, this is the perfect kit to use on your “sleepy” layouts.
Buy my Wide Awake 6-Pack for only $6 PLUS get the WordArt FREE! That's a savings of $18.94!
Wide Awake 6 Pack Free with Purchase
Wide Awake 6-Pack
Get the WordArt FREE when you buy the Wide Awake 6-Pack!
Wide Awake Wordart
If you LOVE all of my Wide Awake Designs, then buy the 6-Pack and the Add-On Bundle and get TWO FREEBIES!
That's a value of more than $47 for $14.68!
(including the value of the FREE goodies!)
Wide Awake Add-On Bundle
Wide Awake Journal Cards
Here's a look at all of the individual $1 and Add-On Packs!
Individual Pickle Barrel Packs just $1
The individual packs are all available for just $1 each. But, remember that to get the FREEBIES, you need to buy the Wide Awake 6-Pack. Buy Both the 6-Pack AND my Add-On Bundle to get TWO FREEBIES!
Wide Awake Elements
Wide Awake Patterned Paper
Wide Awake The Basics - Paper
Wide Awake The Basics - Elements
Wide Awake Background Fancies
Wide Awake Hot Mess & Blended Papers
Save on the Matching Add-Ons
Wide Awake Special Offer
SAVE 40% on the Add-On Bundle
SAVE 25% on Individual Add-On Packs!
Wide Awake Sleep Out Mini Kit
Wide Awake Little Details
Wide Awake Solid Paper
Wide Awake Messy Edges

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