Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HUGE BIRTHDAY SALE, New Products & Freebies!

It's my birthday, and I'm sharing the goodies with YOU! I'm having a HUGE sale in my shop (The discount gets bigger each year....just like my age! *grin*) I also have FWP offer during my don't miss out! Save 52% on everything in my shop - and yes, that means I'm 52 years old (although I'll always be 38 in my head *grin*)

I also have a new kit, that's appropriately called, "OLDER THAN DIRT" *snicker* My kids keep teasing me about getting old, not being able to see things as well, losing my memory, and on and on and on. The only way to deal with getting older is to laugh about it, coz if I didn't, I'd be crying 

I hope you'll enjoy OLDER THAN DIRT, and that it will help you, or those you love preserve the memories of getting older (even though some days we'd like to forget.)

Here's a clearer look at the papers & elements in this fun kit:

Spend $5 in my shop during my Birthday Sale, and you can get my Older Than Dirt WordArt FREE (you just have to remember to put it into your cart!)

I have one more freebie for you. This is a cute set or printables created with my FINDING JOY Designs. Just print them out & frame them & enjoy!

Ok, I'm going to go have a nap. Old ladies like me have to do that regularly *grin*

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